Thursday September 2

Thursday September 2

6:45am-6pm               Registration Open
                                    Registration Desk, 3rd Floor Convention Center

7:00am-6:00pm          POSTER Abstract Displayed, Juniper Ballroom
6:45-8:15am                Breakfast Available – Exhibit Hall, Juniper Ballroom

7:00-8:00AM               Venus MedTech Breakfast Symposium – Ironwood 2 & 3
                                    Moderator: Ziyad M. Hijazi, MD
                                    Panelists: Gejun hang, Shakeel Qureshi
                                    Scope of the problem: Lee Benson, MD
                                    A visit to the guidelines: Daniel Levi, MD
                                    MRI assessment: Gurdeep Man, MD
                                    The Venus P Valve results of the CE trial: Shakeel Qureshi, MD
                                    Results of Chines FDA trial: Gejun Zhang, MD

8:00-8:15am                Update on Live Cases 2020Guru Hiremath

8:15-10:30am              Live Case Session #1
Moderators: John Cheatham, Jacqueline Kreutzer
Panelists: Ralf Holzer, Brian Boe,
Alain Fraisse, Emile Bacha
Digital Moderator: Guru Hiremath
New Orleans Children’s Hospital, New Orleans, LA
Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

10:30-10:45am            Coffee Available – Exhibit Hall, Juniper Ballroom

10:45am-12:45pm      Live Case Session #2
Moderators: Allison Cabalka, Thomas Jones
Panelists: Teiji Akagi, Maiy El-Sayed, Hasri Samion,Tom Fagan, Michel Ilbawi
Digital Moderator: Brent Gordon
New Orleans Children’s Hospital, New Orleans, LA
Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

12:45-1:45pm              Lunch Available – Exhibit Hall- Juniper Ballroom

1:00-2:00pm                Lunchtime: How to Post-process 3DRA: 4 Different Perspectives
Moderators: Gregor Krings, Damien Kenny
Siemens: Nathan Taggart
Philips: Jenny Zablah
Canon: Darren Berman
GE: Greg Fleming


Afternoon Sessions

2:00-5:30pm   Lymphatic Session (Main Session)
                        Moderators: Elchanan Bruckheimer, Yoav Dori

2:00-2:12         Demystifying the Lymphatic System – Anna Lillis
2:13-2:25         Stratifying Fontan Risk by Pre-Op Lymphatic Imaging – Suren Reddy
2:26-2:38         Techniques for Accessing the Thoracic Duct: What are the Options? Petru Liuba
2:39-2:51         Defining the Optimum Target – Periportal Lymphatic vs THEeThoracicDuct - Marc Gewillig
2:52-3:04         Redirecting Venous Flow for Lymphatic Decompression – Chris Smith
3:05-3:17         My Lymphatic Intervention Algorithm: How I Improve Outcomes - Yoav Dori
Case Based Learning
Expert Panel: Dori, Gewillig, Liuba, Bruckheimer


2:00-3:30pm               Vascular Obstruction (Breakout)
Moderators: Frank Ing, Evan Zahn  

2:00-2:12         Options for Thrombolysis and Thrombectomy - Bryan Goldstein
2:13-2:25         Options for Systemic Venous Obstruction in Pediatric Practice   
Henri Justino
2:26-2:38         Dealing with Complete Pulmonary Artery Occlusion - Athar Qureshi
2:39-2:51         Recanalizing the Atretic Aorta - Kevin Walsh
2:52-3:04         Returning Flow Through Occluded Shunts - Alex Javois
3:05-3:17         Recanalizing Occluded Vessels in non-CHD: Technical Lessons Learned - Evan Zahn
            3:20-3:30         Q/A Discussion

4:00-5:30pm               Taped Cases and Debates (Breakout)
                                    Moderators: Robert Pass, Mark Galantowicz
Taped Cases:
4:00-4:15         Mayo – Potts Shunt – Allison Cabalka
4:20-4:35         Memphis – Pulmonary Flow Regulator in a Patient With Truncus Arteriosus– Shyam Sathanandam

  1. Interventionalists are Working in a Surgical Environment and Should Undergo Surgical Training

4:40-4:50         Pro: Olivier Ghez
4:51-5:01         Con: Joaquim Miro 

  1. Patient Volume Contributes to Outcomes in the Cath Lab

5:05-5:15         Pro: Gareth Morgan
5:16-5:26         Con: Martin Bocks

5:30pm                        PICS Achievements Awards  (Main Session)