Thursday September 2

Morning Live Cases
New Orleans, LA
Chicago, IL
Philadelphia, PA

Lunchtime Session:     4-Vendor Imaging Session

Lymphatic Session

       •  Demystifying the Lymphatic System
       •  Stratifying Fontan Risk by Pre-Op Lymphatic Imaging
       •  Techniques for Accessing the Thoracic Duct: What are the Options?
       •  Defining the optimum target – Periportal Lymphatic vs the Thoracic Duct 
       •  Redirecting Venous Flow for Lymphatic Decompression
       •  My Lymphatic Intervention Algorithm: How I Improve Outcomes

Vascular Obstruction

       •  General Principles and Historical Perspective                       
       •  Options for Systemic Venous Obstruction in Pediatric Practice          
       •  Dealing with Complete Pulmonary Artery Occlusion               
       •  Recanalizing the Atretic Aorta                                                             
       •  Returning Flow Through Occluded Shunts     
       •  Recanalizing Occluded Vessels in Non-CHD: Technical Lessons Learned

Nursing and Associated Professionals Breakout Session

PICES Breakout Session

Industry Sponsored Evening Dinner Symposiums
   •  Venus Medtech  6:00-9:00pm
      Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve Implantation for the Native Outflow Tract
      (must register, maximum will be 150)