Saturday September 4

6:45am-1:00pm          Registration Open

7:00-8:30am                Breakfast Available – Exhibit Hall, Juniper Ballroom

8:00-9:30am                ACHD/Structural Session (Main Session)
Moderators: Nathan Taggart, Alejandro Peirone
8:00-8:12         Update on TV Repair and Potential Application to CHD Patients - Scott Lim
8:13-8:25         Interventions for Atrial Hypertension – K. Sivakumar
8:26-8:38         Complex Coronary Artery Fistula in the Adult – Indications and Techniques for Closure – Eric Horlick
8:39-8:51         The Adult with ASD and Atrial Arrhythmia – Decision making Algorithm – Jae Young Choi
8:52-9:04         Transapical Techniques for Mitral PVL – Cliff Kavinsky
9:05-9:17         Mitral Valve In Valve – How Far can we push? – Allison Cabalka

8:00-9:30am                Pulmonary Vein Stenosis (Breakout)
Moderators: Gregor Krings, Robert Vincent
8:00-8:12         Understanding Congenital Pulmonary Vein Stenosis – Ryan Callahan
8:13-8:25         Surgery Is A Better Primary Option – Emile Bacha
8:26-8:38         Transcatheter Intervention is a Better Option – Henri Justino
8:39-8:51         Multimodality Approach to Treat Pulmonary Vein Stenosis - Chris Petit
8:52-9:04         Treating PVS – Should this be restricted to Specialized Centers? - Matt Crystal
9:05-9:17         Considerations Between Hope and Frustration: When To Treat and Not to Treat PVS - TBD

9:30-10:00am              Coffee Break – Juniper Ballroom, Exhibit Hall

10:00-11:30am            Interventions in Infants < 2.5 kgs (Main Session)
Moderators: Joaquim Miro, Brian Morray
10:00-10:12     It Starts Before Birth: Update on Transcatheter Fetal TranscatheterInterventions - Aimee Armstrong
10:13-10:25     Challenges, Risks and Risks Adjustments for Interventions Performed in Small Infants - Brian Quinn
10:26-10:38     Percutaneous Vascular Access in Small Infants - Shyam Sathanandam
10:39-10:51     Hybrid Procedures In Low Weight Infants - Ralf Holzer
10:52-11:04     Limitations and Challenges of Circulatory Support and Surgical Bailout in Small Infants - Mark Galantowicz
11:05-11:17     Pulmonary Flow Regulators in Small Infants – Technical Approach and Outcomes - Dietmar Schranz

10:00-11:30am            Aortic Interventions (Breakout)
                                    Moderators: Giafranco Butera, Francisco Garay
10:00-10:12      Balloon Angioplasty for Coarctation in Infancy – Is it a Good Option? - Lee Benson
10:13-10:25      Neonatal Balloon Aortic Valvuloplasty – What Has IMPACT Taught Us? - Brian Boe
10:26-10:38     Treating Coarctation of the Aorta in the Adult…A Different Kind of Beast – Nathan Taggart
10:39-10:51     Covered Stents Beyond Coarctation – Gareth Morgan
10:52-11:04     Interventional Therapy for Middle Aortic Syndrome: Gejun Zhang
11:05-11:17     How to Close Sinus Valsalva Rupture? Dr Tin

11:30am-1:00pm        My Nightmare Case In The Cath Lab
Moderators: Damien Kenny, Alan Nugent

Exhibit Hall Closes

1:00pm                        Closing Remarks