Wednesday September 1

Welcome – Ziyad M Hijazi

Morning Live Cases:
Sao Paolo, Brazil
Toronto, Canada
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Lunch Session:            Taped Cases
AFR (Atrial Flow Regulator)
Mitral Melody Redilation vs MitraClip

Tips and Tricks Session

       •  Dealing With Curvatures, Angles, and Vascular Tortuosity During Interventions in CHD
       •  A Structured Protocol for Transhepatic Interventions
       •  Dealing with Porto-systemic Shunts
       •  Options for the Embolized Stent
       •  When to Push and When to Fold – Complex Decision Making in CHD Interventions
       •  Establishing an Advanced Imaging Program in the Cath Lab –10 Tips on How to Get Started

Pulmonary Valve Session
The Impact of tPVR – What is the data?:

       •  What Has Been the Real Benefit of tPVR?
       •  Putting the Impact of Melody into Perspective
       •  What Do We Really Know About the Sapien Valve Outcomes
       •  What’s your current algorithm for the fully-grown patient with a large, patched RVOT?
       •  Imaging the RVOT
       •  Tools for RVOT Analysis

Self-Expanding Valves and Platforms:

       •  Med Zenith Valve
       •  Pulsta Valve
       •  Venus P Valve
       •  Harmony
       •  Alterra

Keynote Address: “How This All Started and Challenges To Come” 

Oral Abstract Presentations