Wednesday September 1

6:45am-6pm               Registration Open
                                    Registration Desk, 3rd Floor Convention Center
7:00-8:30am                Breakfast Available

8:00-8:15am               WelcomeZiyad M Hijazi

Morning Live Cases:
8:15-10:30am             Live Case Session #1
Moderators: Damien Kenny, Ziyad M Hijazi
Panelists: : Hesham Al-Saloos, Olivier Ghez, Lynn Peng, Seong-Ho Kim, Dan Aguirre
Digital Moderator: Alejandro Torres   
Sao Paolo, Brazil
Toronto General Hospital
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

10:30-10:45am            Coffee Break

10:45am-12:45pm      Live Case Session #2
Moderators: John Carroll, John Cheatham
Panelists: Levent Saltik, Howard Weber, Brian Boe, Olivier Ghez, Horacia Faella
Digital Moderator: Vivian Dimas
Sao Paolo, Brazil
Toronto General Hospital
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

12:45-1:45pm             Lunch Available

1:00-1:45pm                Lunchtime Taped Cases (Main Session)
                                    Moderators: John Moore, Alan Nugent
1:00-1:15pm    AFR (Dublin) – Damien Kenny
1:20-1:35pm    Mitral Melody Redilation vs MitraClip - Scott Lim

Afternoon Session

2:00 – 4pm                  Pulmonary Valve Session (Main Session)
Moderators: Shakeel Qureshi, Ahmet Celebi
The Impact of tPVR – What is the data?
2:00-2:10          What has been the real benefit of tPVR?                                          
John Cheatham
2:11-2:21         Putting the Impact of Melody into Perspective                    
Thomas Jones
2:22-2:32         What Do We Really Know About the SAPIEN Valve Outcomes
Shabana Shahanavaz
2:33-2:43         What’s Your Current Algorithm For The Fully-grown Patient With a
Large, Patched RVOT?         Dan Levi
2:44-2:54         3D Imaging of the RVOT and Tools for Analysis
Shelby Kutty
2:55-3:05         How I use Computer Cased Simulation Prior to tPVR Cases
Mario Carminati
Self-Expanding Valves and Platforms:

3:06-3:11         Med Zenith Valve                    - John Cheatham
3:12-3:17         Pulsta Valve                            - Mario Carminati
3:18-3:23         Venus P Valve                         - Worakan Promphan
3:24-3:29         Harmony                                 - Matt Gillespie
3:30-3:35         Alterra                                     - Evan Zahn

3:35-4:00      Discussion/Q & A   

2:00-4:00pm                Tips and Tricks Session (Breakout)
Moderators: Phil Moore, Terry King
2:00-2:10pm    Dealing With Curvatures, Angles, and Vascular Tortuosity During
Interventions in CHD- Frank Ing
2:11-2:21pm    A Structured Protocol for Transhepatic Interventions - Makram Ebeid
2:22-2:32pm    Dealing with Porto-systemic Shunts – Elchanan Bruckheimer
2:33-2:43pm    Options for the Embolized Stent – Henri Justino
2:44-2:54pm    When to Push and When to Fold –
Complex Decision Making in CHD Interventions – David Nykanen
2:55-3:05pm    Establishing an Advanced 3D Imaging Program for the Cath Lab –

  1. Tips on How to Get Started – Sebastian Goreczny

Debate: Technological Advances Have Improved Outcomes in the last 10 years.
3:06-3:16pm    Pro: Dan Gruenstein
3:17-3:27pm    Con: Zahid Amin
3:28-3:38pm    Debate Discussion
3:40-4:00pm    Q/A

2:00-4:00pm                PICES Breakout
Theme: Expanding the Interventional Quiver: Available Equipment for the Congenital Interventional Cardiologist

PICES Business Meeting: 25 min
PICES Case presenter 1:  15 min
(10 min presentation, 5 min questions)
PICES Case presenter 2:  15 min
(10 min presentation, 5 min questions)
PICES Case presenter 3:  15 min
(10 min presentation, 5 min questions) 

Invited Talk:  Keeping up with the Jones: How I Manage and Adjust the Equipment in my Lab: 20 min
(15 mins presentation, 5 min questions)  Tom Jones

4:00-4:15pm                Coffee Available

4:15-6:00pm                Oral Abstract Presentations

                                    Room 1:
                                    David Balzer, Terry King

                                    Room 2:
                                    Alex Javois, Masood Sadiq

6-8pm                         Welcome Reception – Juniper Ballroom
Exhibit Hall Open