Friday September 3
Morning Session

6:45am-6pm               Registration Open
                                    Registration Desk, 3rd Floor Convention Center

7:00am-6:00pm          POSTER Abstract Displayed, Juniper Ballroom
7:00-8:30am                Breakfast Available – Exhibit Hall, Juniper Ballroom

8:00:8:15am                Introducing the PICS Society – Norm Linsky

8:15-10:30am Live Case Session #1:
Moderators:  Evan Zahn, Francisco Garay  
Panelists: Carlos Zabal, Dietmar Schranz, Ali Al-Halabi, Michel Ilbawi
Digital Moderator: Alejando Peirone
Nationwide Children’s Hospital – Columbus, OH
Cincinatti Children’s Hospital
Boston Children’s Hospital

10:30-10:45am            Coffee Available – Exhibit Hall Juniper Ballroom

10:45am-12:45pm      Live Case Session #2
Moderators: Ralf Holzer, Gregor Krings, Bharat Dalvi
Panelists: Reda Ibrahim, Yun-Ching Fu, Howaida El-Said, Laith Alshawabkeh, Olivier Ghez, Jeff Zampi
Digital Moderator:Gareth Morgan
Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, OH
Cincinatti Children’s Hospital
Boston Children’s Hospital

12:45-1:45pm             Lunch Available – Exhibit Hall – Juniper Ballroom

1:00-2:00pm               Industry Sponsored Lunch Symposiums
Medtronic – Ironwood 2 & 3
Abbott – Ironwood 7 & 8

Afternoon Sessions

2:00-3:30pm               PDA Stenting – Main Session
Moderators: Damien Kenny, Athar Qureshi
2:00-2:12         An Algorithmic Approach to PDA Stenting – Marc Gewillig
2:13-2:25         Optimal Pre-procedural Imaging Modalities – Greg Fleming
2:26-2:38         Impact of Ductal Morphology on Outcomes – Chris Petit
2:39-2:51         Is Airway Compression a Real Concern? – Howaida El-Said
2:52-3:04         PDA Stenting in Infants < 2.5 kgs – Damien Kenny
3:05-3:17         DES vs BMS – What does the Data Tell Us? – Bryan Goldstein
3:20-3:30         Discussion

2:00-3:30pm               Pulmonary Artery Stenting  (Breakout)
Moderators: Tom Fagan, Henri Justino
2:00-2:12         Stent Modifications for PA Stenting – Frank Ing
2:13-2:25         Algorithm for Unzipping Small Diameter Stents – Howaida El-Said
2:26-2:38         3-D Imaging to Guide Complex Bifurcation Stenting -  Gregor Krings
2:39-2:51         PA Stenting in the Context of tPVR – Planning For The Future - Ziyad Hijazi
2:52-3:04         Strategic Approach to Diffuse Branch PA Stenoses – Tom Forbes
3:05-3:17         Long Term Strategy for PA Rehabilitation and Decision Making-Case Based Presentations – Darren Berman  

4:00-5:30pm               Interventional Treatment of SVASD – Main Session
Moderators: Ziyad M Hijazi, Francois Godart
4:00-4:12         Preprocedural Imaging to Guide Patient Selection – Craig Fleishman
All Anatomical Subtypes Can Be Treated with Covered Stents
4:13-4:23                                 Pro                  K. Sivakumar
4:24-4:34                                 Con                 Michel Ilbawi 4:36-4:48                                 Intraprocedural Imaging Modalities – Simone Pedra 
4:49-5:01                                 Procedural Techniques to Facilitate Stent Stability - Hesham Al-Saloos
Younes Boudjemline                                                                                
5:02-5:14         Outcomes – Evan Zahn
5:15-5:27         Complications – Shakeel Qureshi

4:00-5:30pm               Bioresorbable Technology (Breakout)
Moderators: Dan Levi, Suren Reddy, Nicole Ibrahim
4:00-4:12         Is there a role for PLLA or Magnesium Coronary Stents in Children - Suren Reddy
4:13-4:25         Advantages and Challenges of Zinc Alloys for Pediatric Stents - Tim Moran
4:26-4:38         Horst Sievert
4:39-4:51         Use of PLLA Septal Occluders in China – Zhiwei Zhang
4:52-5:04         Possibilities For the Future: Iron Alloys and Nanoparticles? - Dan Levi
5:05-5:17         Regulatory and Commercialization Pathway for a Biodegradable Device in Pediatrics – Rachel Neubrander

4:00-5:30pm   Nursing and Associated Professionals Breakout
Moderators: Sharon Cheatham, Emily Kish
4:00-4:12pm    Transcatheter Pulmonary Valves: A Historical Perspective - John Cheatham
4:14-4:26pm    Cardiac Anesthesia in the Cath Lab -Ileen Cronin
4:28-4:40pm    Are the Risks Higher in Today’s Cath Lab? - Taylor Demkin
4:42-4:54pm    How do we Manage inventory with the High Cost of Technology? - Carrington Dehart
4:56-5:08pm    New Cath Lab Guidelines - Emily Kish
5:10-5:22pm    Bioabsorbable Devices: Where are we at? - Darren Berman
5:22-5:30pm    Questions/Discussion

7:00-10:00pm              PICS Dinner Event